Global Education Advisors (GEA) empowers our clients to create unique and sustainable educational frameworks.

What Makes Us Unique

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We offer a wide range of services to enhance and extend communities of learning across contexts with the goal of enriching educational opportunities for all learners. Our services are available via on-site, remote, or blended learning modules and includes coaching, advisory, and custom program development.


Our collaborators have extensive expertise in public, private, international and for-profit educational settings. We have worked with individual schools, school board and districts, and government entities and educational organizations, including colleges and universities.


We collaborate with trusted and experienced colleagues, partners and advisors. This means you gain insight and perspectives from a wide range of global perspectives that respects and supports the needs of your local educational community.


Our extensive experience in curriculum development and educational program evaluations ensures that we understand the unique needs of the educational market. We recognize systems perspectives that are overlooked by companies that do not have a deep level of curriculum development experience.

How We Can Help

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We work alongside our stakeholders to strategically plan and create a framework based on your school or organization’s specific needs which includes contextualized learning, research-based practices and on-going, comprehensive support.


We provide professional development and coaching services to our clients. This includes, Education for Global Competencies, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), Curriculum Development and more.


Our services span the full spectrum of research-based, educational best practices. In our advisory role, we can evaluate and analyze your current program or plan and provide recommendations to dramatically enhance outcomes and results.

    Our Clients

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